Five low-cost activities for half-term

Keeping children entertained can be harder than you think, particularly if you want to avoid huge chunks of time in front of screens. Days out are great but they can become very expensive. These are my five favourite activities which I have played with my children over countless school holidays: Plan, shop, and cook a meal…

Promoting a love of reading

We all want our children to develop a love of reading. This skill more than any other can propel our children academically whilst giving them hours of pleasure as they become completely absorbed in a story. However, for some children the path to enjoyment is not an easy one as they struggle to find the…

Why children need to play

At my parenting seminars I am often asked about how much time school-aged children should have to play each day. The common issue seems to be afterschool activities and homework leave very little time for anything else. My answer is always the same…

Managing children’s computer time

One of the most common questions I get asked about in my Positive Discipline seminars is how to manage ‘technology time’. Here are my top five tips:

How Lego supports child development

With so many electronic and battery powered gadgetry on the market it can be hard to find toys which children find engaging yet stimulate creativity, promote intellectual and physical development more than good old fashioned Lego.

Boosting children’s confidence

A child doesn’t have to be an extrovert to be confident. Confident children are simply comfortable in their own skins, and believe they can achieve anything they set their minds to, which allows them to cope better with academic and social challenges. Here are three proven ways you can boost your child’s confidence:

Stress free school drop offs

Nothing pulls at our heartstrings more than an unhappy child who needs to be peeled off us to go into school. Whilst separation anxiety is a normal part of children’s development, if you are a parent with a child who sobs every morning when you drop them at school, it can be soul destroying.