Brainboost HQ

We moved into our new offices a few weeks ago as we had outgrown our small start-up space. I have to be honest it was harder than I thought to find the right space to officially call Brainboost HQ. I had a long list of boxes, excuse the pun, it had to tick from a business logistics point of view but I also wanted it to have a homely feel as we as we all like to have a lot of fun whilst we work. Well we do create and pack children’s activities so it would be rude not to try some ourselves! The real deal clincher, if I’m honest, is our new office is pet friendly so it means I can bring my two labradors, Coco and Grace with me. They didn’t come in with me today as we were busy taking sneaky pictures of our Christmas box and there was simply too much tinsel around for any Labrador to ignore.

I snapped up a picture of my nice today desk so you can see how I like to work – I wish! My desk never looks this tidy as it’s usually covered in bits of resources from current and past activities, piles of books and articles I am reading. At least it looked this neat for the photograph.

Brainboost HQ is now starting to feel like home, which is where Brainboost began in earnest some 14 months ago. Over the coming months I will share more of Brainboost’s story from my initial idea as long as eight years ago until I finally took the plunge and created my first box and pressed launch on my website! It’s been an incredible journey which I have shared with the most amazing people and our loyal subscribers who have been such staunch advocates of our boxes.

Keep checking our blog to find out more.

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