Emotional Intelligence Brainboost Box


We have just launched our first stand alone product in our website Shop. Whilst our Brainboost Boxes are designed to give children an all round academic and social boost we have had lots of requests to offer a box which promotes children’s emotional intelligence.

I work with lots of children who really struggle to understand, manage, and modify their emotions in different situations. Children with anxiety, lack of confidence, friendship issues, and those with autistic spectrum conditions. This often gets in the way of them getting the most out of social situations, relationships with their peers, and generally coping with the challenges of life.

Emotional Intelligence has been argued to be the most important predictor of adult success, and income level, even more than academic success and IQ.  Emotional Intelligence is also key for the development of positive mental health and whilst some children are naturally more emotionally intelligent than others, the good news is that it can be taught.

I designed the Emotional Intelligence Brainboost Box as an informal play-based way to give children a greater understanding of our emotional states and how best to respond to their feelings. The hands-on activities teach children to tune into their body’s emotional language and teaches them ways to switch their emotional states at will. They learn the secret signs to understand how others might be feeling and how they can use this knowledge to make better friendships. There are guided techniques which teach children how to self-sooth and pause for thought with visualisation. Detailed instructions are included for parents as well as all the resources needed to play.

Each Emotional Intelligence Brainboost Box comes with ten guided activities, all the exciting resources needed to play, a reading book with an emotional theme, and detailed instructions for parents on how to play the games and how best to support children ongoing.  All activities are tailored to the developmental age and stage of the child. After you’ve finished the box, you can buy extra activities individually.

So why not visit our website and take a look at our Emotional Intelligence Brainboost Box and tell us what you think. We’d also love to have your suggestions for the next ‘one-off’ box we create. We’ve had suggestions of a Confidence box, what do you think?

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