There’s so much more to communication than words

When I talk to parents about their child’s communication skills they often think of it as how many words their child uses, the size of their vocabulary, and how well they read. Whilst these are most certainly a key part of communication skills, they are not the only components. To be a great communicator you not only need a good command of your language, but you also need to be able to read subtle cues within a situation to know how best to respond. I would argue it is these skills which fundamentally differentiate the good communicators from the rest of us.

Children with great communication skills tend to have better friendship groups, are able to inspire others to play their games, and can express their thoughts and ideas well to others. A great way to help promote these skills in our children is to ask them to describe an object and you have to guess what it is. You might want to model this first, for example, when describing an apple you might say it is a fruit, it comes in different varieties and colours, it grows on trees, it can taste sweet or sour, and you might pack one in your lunch box. Games which promote turn-taking skills are also great for boosting communication skills, like the Catch and Say game. Other games such as matching-synonyms synonym-matching-lollipops help increase your child’s vocabulary.

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