Why children need to get bored


We all want the best for our children which is why we spend so much time reading about their stages of development, researching the latest games and activities to promote a love of  learning, not to mention the long hours we put into finding the right preschool and school. Is it any wonder that the two words most parents dread to hear are “I’m bored”. They might as well have stabbed us in the heart and told us we are failing at this whole parenting thing.

It can be very tempting to immediately reply with a whole string of ideas for your child to  stave their boredom but I am going to argue we ought to be more embracing of our children’s boredom and in fact encourage it. Why would we want to do that?


As the quote states boredom leads to curiosity and curiosity leads to an awakening of ideas and sparks the imagination. If our children are never allowed to get bored they will never experience the thrill of making up new games which teach them about cause and effect, or negotiations skills, or that making dens can take all day and are a great place to eat your snacks!

So next time you hear those two words “I’m bored” why not reply “what amazing adventure will do on today?”

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