Why getting physical is so important for children’s development

Every parent who has experienced a whole day indoors will be all too familiar with the slightly ferrel nature of their children by the end of the day. I always used to say my children were like our dogs; they needed to be walked regularly! Regular exercise not only wakes up our brain preparing us for action, but it also releases endorphins leaving us with that wonderful high feeling of contentment.

It’s no different for children who need at least 3 hours of physical activity a day. Before you all despair at how you will find the time for all those hours be assured that physical activity isn’t just restricted to racing around the garden or riding a bike. Physical skills can be both the larger movements we need to coordinate our bodies but also the finer physical skills we use for dexterity and handwriting.

Here are two games which will help promote both larger and finer motors skills. We hope you enjoy our  Catch and SayPom Pom Catapult games.

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