Boys Falling Behind Girls in Early Years

Boys are twice as likely to struggle with early language and communication than girls a recent study by the University of Bristol has revealed.

As part of the Early Years Foundation Stage Assessment (EYFS) children at the end of their reception year should be able to listen to simple instructions and then answer a series of  “how” and “why” questions. Countrywide last year 25% of boys didn’t meet this requirement compared to 14% of girls.

Falling behind as early as reception can mean a child is always trying to play catch-up, which does nothing for their self-esteem or their joy of learning. This is why play is so important. The early communication skills of listening, turning-taking and comprehension can be so easily taught using a number of structured games. Catch and Say is a simple game from one of our Brainboost boxes which focuses on turn taking and listening skills, which are critical to early language and communication. We provide a bean bag to play this game but you can use a ball, a cushion, a bag of rice, or anything else which can be easily thrown backwards and forwards.

We’d love to hear how you get on with it.

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